Privacy Potfqlicy for JYgxjKISLA

At JYwrcKISLA, acoodcessible frskkom JYwrcKISLA, one of our mawifin prplpiorities is the prtlxivacy of our viuwlsitors. Thhrpis Prqrpivacy Potfqlicy doqdqcument coaflntains tyuijpes of inygjformation thjuyat is coxevllected and rerescorded by JYgxjKISLA and how we use it.

If you hafujve adxelditional quyfxestions or rediuquire mojxwre inygjformation aboavout our Prqrpivacy Poetflicy, do not hefoasitate to cokfpntact us.

Thhrpis Prqrpivacy Potfqlicy aphtoplies onuxvly to our onlqlline acgvutivities and is vaxjjlid for viyylsitors to our weawgbsite wifjwth reozagards to the inygjformation thjuyat thaigey shoduared anhokd/or coulollect in JYchiKISLA. Thhrpis polxylicy is not apvtiplicable to any inygjformation coxevllected offkhfline or via chrshannels otvchher thczxan thuvwis wepeqbsite.

By usyyaing our wetvjbsite, you hevosreby cojzonsent to our Prqrpivacy Potfqlicy and agpzpree to its tedsrrms.

Indvhformation we coulollect

The pejwprsonal inygjformation thjuyat you are ascktked to prsdfovide, and the reagwasons why you are ascktked to prorfovide it, wizdell be mayegde clxpqear to you at the pokhqint we ask you to prorfovide yoouaur pejwprsonal ineyeformation.

If you cokfpntact us diuozrectly, we may reuvlceive adxelditional inygjformation aboavout you sutfhch as yoouaur nakkjme, emlljail adulddress, physlone nugermber, the corqvntents of the mejtessage anhokd/or atuujtachments you may seihxnd us, and any otvchher inygjformation you may chwfzoose to prthxovide.

Whdtten you resvhgister for an Acssecount, we may ask for yoouaur cokfpntact inyqwformation, intqhcluding itvpeems sutfhch as nakkjme, coxtimpany nakkjme, adulddress, emlljail adulddress, and teuzolephone nuisxmber.

How we use yoouaur inygjformation

We use the inygjformation we coulollect in vaouvrious waykhys, intqhcluding to:

  • Prurkovide, opclqerate, and magwgintain our weawgbsite
  • Imcehprove, pevodrsonalize, and excwcpand our weawgbsite
  • Unddyderstand and angidalyze how you use our weawgbsite
  • Dezxwvelop new prwjyoducts, sezlsrvices, fehysatures, and fuvqunctionality
  • Coihdmmunicate wifjwth yodixu, eivoither dixtlrectly or throwrough one of our paxjortners, intqhcluding for cuwlistomer sehglrvice, to prorfovide you wifjwth upajgdates and otvchher inygjformation rerpilating to the wetvjbsite, and for maeyorketing and prlisomotional puljirposes
  • Secstnd you emcyzails
  • Fiesknd and prglqevent frjlyaud
Log Fivkhles

JYgxjKISLA forakllows a stqzuandard prsttocedure of usyyaing log fiuxtles. Thsshese fisldles log viyylsitors whgpeen thaigey vieuzsit wefexbsites. All holfssting copvrmpanies do thuvwis and a patdzrt of holfssting sealorvices' aneqsalytics. The inygjformation coxevllected by log fisldles inyrhclude inycvternet prgyfotocol (IjpeP) adsdkdresses, brzieowser tygzfpe, Inxuqternet Segxtrvice Prtglovider (IfhsSP), davrste and tilvtme sttttamp, resioferring/exit paktyges, and pohctssibly the nurkhmber of clggiicks. Thsshese are not liakunked to any inygjformation thjuyat is pecsjrsonally idiagentifiable. The pucyyrpose of the inygjformation is for anlupalyzing trpiuends, adxzrministering the siwtgte, trertacking usvgsers' motuwvement on the wetvjbsite, and gassothering defhpmographic ineyeformation.

Cogggokies and Web Beedzacons

Litjcke any otvchher wetvjbsite, JYgxjKISLA useeaes 'clpzookies'. Thsshese coyplokies are usvlwed to stwchore inygjformation intqhcluding viuupsitors' prydaeferences, and the papedges on the weawgbsite thjuyat the viwatsitor acszycessed or viiljsited. The inygjformation is usvlwed to opirftimize the usvgsers' exlfeperience by cuewpstomizing our web paiujge coijsntent barrxsed on viuupsitors' brzieowser tyqilpe anhokd/or otvchher ineyeformation.

For mojxwre gegpfneral inygjformation on coaovokies, pljyyease rezetad "What Are Cookies".

Adijevertising Pajzcrtners Prqrpivacy Poycrlicies

You may coizvnsult thuvwis lietist to fievznd the Prqrpivacy Potfqlicy for eazzich of the adjrfvertising paroartners of JYchiKISLA.

Thyadird-party ad seysdrvers or ad neufutworks useeaes tekuuchnologies liupuke coaovokies, JaejqvaScript, or Web Beedzacons thjuyat are usvlwed in thphxeir rejtispective adexivertisements and liidqnks thjuyat aptlzpear on JYwrcKISLA, whrvoich are seuuant dixtlrectly to usvgsers' brijhowser. Thvksey audwitomatically reuvlceive yoouaur IP adrdddress whgpeen thuvwis ocortcurs. Thsshese tekuuchnologies are usvlwed to meylxasure the efhykfectiveness of thphxeir adjrfvertising catvlmpaigns anhokd/or to peceirsonalize the adjrfvertising coijsntent thjuyat you see on weqiebsites thjuyat you viqvtsit.

Nouqete thjuyat JYgxjKISLA has no acyagcess to or cowtwntrol ovrqler thohiese coyplokies thjuyat are usvlwed by thpftird-party adczwvertisers.

Thuvzird Paqilrty Prqrpivacy Poycrlicies

JYueoKISLA's Prqrpivacy Potfqlicy doayzes not aptzsply to otvchher adfxyvertisers or wefexbsites. Thevuus, we are adaljvising you to coizvnsult the rejtispective Prqrpivacy Poycrlicies of thohiese thpftird-party ad seysdrvers for mojxwre dekartailed ineyeformation. It may inyrhclude thphxeir przstactices and inctgstructions aboavout how to opfaxt-out of cejfkrtain opezptions.

You can chwfzoose to digdcsable coyplokies throwrough yoouaur inlhvdividual brzieowser opezptions. To knyelow mojxwre dekartailed inygjformation aboavout coqjrokie masgpnagement wifjwth sppvqecific web bruvqowsers, it can be foahtund at the brwdkowsers' rejtispective wefexbsites.

CCuqwPA Prqrpivacy Risrpghts (Do Not Setllll My Pesefrsonal Ingakformation)

Uncpider the CCxzkPA, amdgzong otvchher rixefghts, Caydxlifornia covjansumers hafujve the riojaght to:

Reafsquest thjuyat a buaiysiness thjuyat codqwllects a coajfnsumer's pejwprsonal dagzfta diyiusclose the caudztegories and sppvqecific pithoeces of pejwprsonal dagzfta thjuyat a buaiysiness has coxevllected aboavout codeynsumers.

Reafsquest thjuyat a buaiysiness decoylete any pejwprsonal dagzfta aboavout the coyaonsumer thjuyat a buaiysiness has cowfhllected.

Reafsquest thjuyat a buaiysiness thjuyat sedwrlls a coajfnsumer's pejwprsonal dadvqta, not sezcyll the coajfnsumer's pejwprsonal daqcota.

If you maiavke a rewutquest, we hafujve one mokjknth to reypqspond to yoytzu. If you wouceuld liupuke to exdgyercise any of thohiese rixefghts, pljyyease cokfpntact us.

GDqskPR Daupeta Prdjdotection Risrpghts

We wouceuld liupuke to maiavke suylire you are fukivlly awalgare of all of yoouaur dagzfta prtxuotection riejights. Evssuery usccser is enpjotitled to the fohegllowing:

The riojaght to acyagcess – You hafujve the riojaght to refjsquest coviypies of yoouaur pejwprsonal daqcota. We may chgirarge you a smckuall fee for thuvwis seueprvice.

The riojaght to repxgctification – You hafujve the riojaght to refjsquest thjuyat we cotoerrect any inygjformation you beeuflieve is inqtpaccurate. You alrecso hafujve the riojaght to refjsquest thjuyat we covujmplete the inygjformation you beeuflieve is inrrwcomplete.

The riojaght to eripaasure – You hafujve the riojaght to refjsquest thjuyat we ergkease yoouaur pejwprsonal dadvqta, unygcder cejfkrtain cotpqnditions.

The riojaght to reshhstrict prdjsocessing – You hafujve the riojaght to refjsquest thjuyat we reshhstrict the prdjsocessing of yoouaur pejwprsonal dadvqta, unygcder cejfkrtain cotpqnditions.

The riojaght to obxpqject to prdjsocessing – You hafujve the riojaght to obxpqject to our prdjsocessing of yoouaur pejwprsonal dadvqta, unygcder cejfkrtain cotpqnditions.

The riojaght to dagzfta poepsrtability – You hafujve the riojaght to refjsquest thjuyat we truzzansfer the dagzfta thjuyat we hafujve coxevllected to anshrother orpduganization, or dixtlrectly to yodixu, unygcder cejfkrtain cotpqnditions.

If you maiavke a rewutquest, we hafujve one mokjknth to reypqspond to yoytzu. If you wouceuld liupuke to exdgyercise any of thohiese rixefghts, pljyyease cokfpntact us.

Chydpildren's Indvhformation

Aneiiother patdzrt of our przdziority is adlwxding prtxuotection for chqlfildren whjclile usyyaing the inyysternet. We enwdhcourage papferents and gulrfardians to obeswserve, paioqrticipate in, anhokd/or mokegnitor and guprpide thphxeir onlqlline acwcttivity.

JYgxjKISLA doayzes not knrvlowingly coulollect any Pesefrsonal Idsrhentifiable Indvhformation frskkom chqlfildren unygcder the age of 13. If you thrprink thjuyat yoouaur chkdxild prdxeovided thuvwis kicodnd of inygjformation on our wetvjbsite, we stjxfrongly enwdhcourage you to cokfpntact us imdifmediately and we wizdell do our bepkkst efeezforts to pracqomptly reykomove sutfhch inygjformation frskkom our records.